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Hi there – welcome to my Newsletter page – so pleased to see you here. You will receive info about new books and any special offers.

In my previous blog (angelaphillip), I sent out odds and ends, usually about writing or books but sometimes about me. Now you’ll get similar snippets. 

My first two novels in the Daniela Hoffman series are now published – please see Daniela Hoffman’s Family Matters

Thanks so much for signing up (on the right). Please do send comments – and your views on books, writing, the world. What I especially want to hear is feedback on my novels. it would be wonderful if you would write a short review on Amazon.

In case you’ve already one or more of the Dani books, you’ll be glad to know that she is alive and well (although frequently in trouble) in the next novel which will be out soon.

I can’t wait to hear from you and I’ll let you know of free downloads to promote my new book Love in Another Country (set in Papua New Guinea) which will hopefully be published this summer.

All best wishes
Angie (Angela J.)


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