I have written five novels. Four of them are part of the series The Daniela Hoffman Stories and The Saulie Bird is a thriller. They will be published this year – 2020.

The Daniela Hoffman Stories

  • The Big Happiness
  • Getting left behind
  • Daniela Hoffman is not stupid
  • The third father

Each novel stands alone.

The series follows the roller coaster of Dani’s life from the mid sixties to the nineties – the troubled relationship with her mother, her three fathers and the later entanglements with boys. Dani is a feisty young girl. She feels a telepathic connection to people (and animals) but especially to certain people. She is alone but never alone. Independent, tough on the outside, determined to go her own way from the very beginning. Life throws her some dreadful shocks, but she copes.

She navigates friendships, sex and love of various kinds. When things get difficult, Dani fights for what she wants often hurting herself in the process. She’s stubborn and secretive and has taught herself to be tough. Her mother, Esme, loves her but Esme is still young and finding her own way in life. The needs of mother and daughter frequently conflict.

Not without heartache, Dani finds ways to cope.

The Big Happiness

[Hello! Hello! Can you hear me? I’m here, Mama. I know you can’t believe it. You think I’m impossible, but no, I’m more than possible, I’m here. I hope you’re glad.]  

Is that a voice in her head? It must be all the script writing she’s been working on – she’s always imagining some dialogue or other that she might be able to use in her writing. But it sounds like a child and Esme is not planning on writing anything featuring children.

There are three of them:

Dani – the intelligent unborn child who reaches out to listen to those around her. Sends them thought messages. Laughs at life. Hopes to stay with Esme, the mother she loves and needs.

Esme – a bright teenager who enjoys sex and studying. Wants to go to university. Doesn’t want to settle down or have kids. She is pregnant with Dani so she runs away to Germany.

Andreas – the German boyfriend. He is (almost) certain to be Dani’s father. Good looking, confident and determined to possess Esme and control her.

Back in South Derbyshire, the religious grandparents wait and worry. In Hamburg, a surprising woman complicates Esme’s life still further as Ess struggles with Dani’s voice in her head, the dreams that feel prophetic and the increasingly difficult Andreas. Meanwhile Dani waits, listens and talks. She talks a lot. And some people can hear her.