Daniela Hoffman series

This series (each novel complete in itself) tells the story of Daniela and her family. It’s the story of the bonds between mother and daughter – both doing their best to cope with overwhelming needs that frequently conflict. It’s the story of Daniela’s journey into womanhood.

Fathers come and go, but are more important than they seem, especially with hindsight. The family changes, but at its core Esme and Daniela, mother and daughter, try to work out their relationship as Dani moves ever further away.

The outside world becomes increasingly present and Daniela turns outwards to cope with inner turmoil. New experiences form turning points in her life as she experiments with friends, love and sex until finally the girlhood is gone and Daniela has come of age. 

Book 1 – Daniela Hoffman is Not Stupid

Daniela Hoffman is Not Stupid by angela j. phillip. Cover page with picture of blue bicycle leaning against a red wall.
Daniela Hoffman series – bk 1

Esme loves her daughter but needs some space and doesn’t know that Daniela is having problems at school that are driving her to the point of self harm. Dani is clever and has taught herself to be tough, but things go from bad to worse until she fears she will be thrown out of the school. There is nowhere to turn. Her previously respectable mother is going off the rails while the family falls apart and Dani struggles to stop it happening. Mother and daughter love and misunderstand each other until a crisis is reached and realisations begin to emerge.


This is a really, really lovely book; Dani is a flawed but fascinating heroine and her book is a heart-warming addition to the ranks of the female coming of age story. – Francis Booth, novelist and author of Girls in Bloom: Coming of Age in the Mid-Twentieth Century Woman’s Novel.

At times raw and emotional; at others light and quirky (without ever being twee or fey), this novel is an utterly compelling and ultimately delightful read. – Michael Kerrigan, freelance writer and occasional reviewer for the Times Literary Supplement.

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Book 2 – The Third Father

The Third Father by angela j. phillip - book cover (picture of hand reaching out).
Daniela Hoffman series – bk 2

Daniela has already had two fathers and 36.99is determined there will not be a third, but her mother is besotted with a man from overseas. Dani doesn’t understand what happened with her first father and she loves Daddy number two, but he’s leaving. Her family is falling apart and now there’s the prospect of yet another father figure.

She needs someone to talk to and is amazed to find herself trusting a boy from a Jamaican family who has become her secret friend. Her mother is torn between the man she loves and the needs of her daughter. Slowly mother and daughter begin to work things out.

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Book 3 – Pure Dani

Daniela Hoffman series – bk 3

Stuck overseas with her mother, teenage Daniela becomes Increasingly homesick and desperate to get back to the UK. Confused by powerful new feelings, Dani sees no other way than to try a plan of seduction that risks losing not only her boyfriend back home but her mother and everyone close to her. Life spins out of control, but love blossoms in unexpected places.

Where to buy: FREE ON Kindle Unlimited or £1.99 download. Paperback 6.99.