My Books

I have written five novels. Four of them are part of the Daniela Hoffman series. And there’s a psychological thriller – The Saulie Bird . They will be published this year – 2020.

The Daniela Hoffman Series

4 stand-alone novels

Daniela reaches out to connect with those around her. She has telepathic powers, but they don’t always work. She needs to be born, so it’s essential that she reaches her mother – who turns out to be a teenager who likes sex but who doesn’t want kids. Somehow Dani has to succeed.

The child can hear thoughts and send messages, but her skills are patchy and Daniela often misinterprets what she hears. Her parents are fighting and gradually she becomes a pawn in their game. She is a child in danger.

A teenager with a shameful secret. She can’t write and tries to hide it. She’s clever and has taught herself to be tough, but things at school go from bad to worse and then she overhears another shameful secret. It’s about her mother.

She thinks that Daddy number one tried to kill her. Daddy number two was kind but now he’s gone. Daniela is determined that there will be no Daddy number three.