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Hi there – welcome to my Newsletter page. I’m so pleased to see you here and hope that you’ll comment as well as read.

In my previous blog (angelaphillip), I sent out odds and ends, usually about writing or books but sometimes about me. Now you’ll get similar snippets as well as tips and tricks that I’ve gathered from here and there as well as from (bitter? no, but frequently frustrating) experience. 

This is my first journey into self-publishing and I’d like to share with you the ups and downs. There have already been plenty of them and I’m told they never stop. For a start, there is the editing, the proof-reading, the titles, the cover pages, Kindle Create, copyright issues and so much more. Blurbs, for instance – an art form in itself.

Soon I’ll be sending you news of my first published book – I’m feeling excited about it. It’s called The Big Happiness.

Thanks so much for signing up. Please do send comments – and your views on books, writing, the world. I can’t wait to hear from you. 

All best wishes
Angie (Angela J.)


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