PURE DANI: Love in another country FREE on KU; £1.99 ebook or £6.99 paperback

This is the third of the Daniela Hoffman Family Matters series.

Family drama in the tropics. Daniela arrives overseas with her mother, but their new life starts with a shock. Her mother’s new husband is not as he seemed in England and Dani becomes desperate to leave. She tries out a plan of seduction to try and achieve what she wants, but it goes badly wrong and changes everything. Set in Papua New Guinea in the 80’s, Daniela encounters cultural conflicts as well as problems with her mother that make the torments of love, jealousy and sexual awakening into a minefield. She thinks she’s in love with her boyfriend back home and at first, she believes she is making rational decisions in order to get back to him. Until her life spins out of control…

FREE ON KU or £1.99 ebook, Paperback £6.99 or £6.50 locally in Hastings from BOOKBUSTER on the Queens Rd.