This is the first of the Daniela Hoffman Family Matters series.

Daniela is clever and has taught herself to be tough, but she can’t cope at school and things go from bad to worse until she fears she will be thrown out. Her mother loves her but needs her own space and freedom. She doesn’t know that her daughter is having serious problems. Dani has nowhere to turn except to her friend, Mandy and Jaffa, a boy from a Jamaican family who opens up her world in ways she didn’t expect. Her respectable mother is going off the rails while the family falls apart but with help from her friends, Dani manages to cope. 

Mother and daughter love and misunderstand each other until a crisis is reached and realisations begin to emerge. A gripping family drama and coming of age story.

There are two more novels in the series:
The Third Father (bk 2) – 99p or FREE Kindle download on Aug 24 – 5
Love in Another Country (bk 3) – 99p or FREE Kindle download Aug 26 – 8.
Paperbacks available for £6.99 or £6,50 locally in Hastings from Bookbuster.

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