Daniela Hoffman is Not Stupid by angela j. phillip

Daniela Hoffman is Not Stupid – 99p Kindle, £6.99 paperback

Daniela has a shameful secret. She can’t write and tries to hide it. She’s clever and has taught herself to be tough, but things at school go from bad to worse and then she overhears another shameful secret. It’s about her mother. Dani’s problems multiply as she struggles to find out what her mother is doing and stop her stepfather from leaving. Gradually, Dani learns that she can’t manage everything alone.  

Daniela Hoffman is Not Stupid – 99p Kindle £6.99 paperback in the UK (also available on amazon.com for 0.99)

This is the first in the Daniela Hoffman series – please read it and let me know what you think. A review would be most appreciated – just a sentence or one or two words would do. Thank you so much.

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